opera house
oslo octobre 2009 (à Opera House )
🎶So I’m following the map that leads to you
The map that leads to you
Ain’t nothing I can do
The map that leads to you 🎶 (à Floating Market Lembang)
back to reality, soon 😭💔 (à Soekarno–Hatta International Airport)
of teh botol and pretty laces (à D’fashion Textile)
same as what kak nisah wrote, I remember in Malaysia we have the famous gang, Ali, Ah Chong and Muthusamy

i want to remember Malaysia like that,
Just like that :)
Selamat Hari Malaysia semua orang 😘

and happy birthday @liyana_mango
travelling sisters 😘
asha just knew a minute before boarding where we’re heading to!
so i had 7 bowls of noodles for dinner 😁
@liyana_mango check bonet pulak oi 😏 (à Boat Noodles Publika)

pretty as always!
congratulations nadddd 😘

p/s: gigih upload duduk sebab dyorg tinggi beriya =.= (à Grand Duchess)